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You mean you never heard of SMBX?

SMBX is a flash project/Rpg maker project.

My flash is currently down,and were in need of some SMRPG Chipsets,and while your here join our community!

We have plenty of stuff on our forums,and while your at it give us your feed back by signing our guest book.Smile


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For visitors:

If you have a site you would like us to display on our home page we would be happy to display it,just Pm an admin via through our forum,if you do diside to join our site please don't flame other users,follow the rules and don't spam have a nice daySmile

Well any way,we are under going an enemy dex for SMBX if you want to submitt an enemy Pm an admin on our forum.

SMBX Story Line:

One day Mario was walking tot he princess's castle but when he entered he assigned to go to artic land with Luigi

to check on Snoomba,Only to wind up fighting Bowser in Dry Dry desert,as they return they run into a flood in the forest of illusion.